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Craig Dalton Massage Therapy Christchurch

Craig offers personalised treatment to support a range of goals, including reducing pain or discomfort, treating injuries, enhancing mobility, and decreasing stress! He utilises a variety of hands-on and hands-off body techniques, including complimentary treatment such as massage, kinesiology taping, voodoo flossing, muscle testing, cupping, and movement coaching. Whether you would like one-off or weekly sessions, he aims to help you free up your body and have you feeling your best!

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"Craig’s been amazing with his treatment plans and helping me gain increased mobility as I get older. He’s professional in his approach with a dash of humour and really cares about his client’s needs and their progress."

Sandra Fitness

The Well Whole Body Studios stands as a sanctuary for holistic health and well-being. As a multi-disciplinary space, it brings together a diverse team of dedicated and passionate health practitioners, each specialising in various disciplines to provide a comprehensive range of services including physiotherapy, nutrition, personal training and much more.

Health Sanctuary based in Christchurch

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